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ATOMIC — E-Commerce and Digital Branding

Web Approach and E-Commerce

We collaborated with the iconic ski brand, ATOMIC to update their digital approach including a new website with a fully integrated commerce platform with a fresh look and feel customized for a forward thinking sports brand. The result is the latest innovation in e-comm positioned in a way to reach an engaged audience who love to spend their time on the slopes and know about the quality products they need to enhance their experience.

Product Storytelling

For the approach to Atomic's update position, it was key that it wasn't purely sales driven but that consumers could still interact with the products and feel like they are engaging with meaningful content before making a purchasing decision. Hero images and interaction features are central to the user experience.

Key Features

Skiers know what they're looking for and ATOMIC is built on a solid tradition of credibility. We brought this into the way the brand engages the consumer on the platform with dynamic product displays, flawlessly integrated menus and options with minimal clicks required. Additionally, the site has a range of content available for the skiing community to enjoy. Storytelling and the latest in skiing technology are key.

Large Scale E- Commerce

ATOMIC needed an e-commerce solution that could work for many needs for a large inventory of products. We worked on a back end solution that integrated seamlessly with the fresh front end functionality, while also making sure none of the details needed for sales were sacrificed. In addition, the store finder feature is highlighted in way that also gives consumers the option to buy their new gear on-site.