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24 Jul '17

Inspired at Forward Festival Munich

Bonnie Leung, Strategy

Sometimes, you don’t need to travel far to get inspired.
For two warm summer days in June, Digital Strategists Victoria Coello and I mingled in Munich’s Old Congress Hall with designers, brand builders, street artists and illustrators, taking in all that our panelists have to offer.

Here are some key soundbytes that got us thinking:

1/ Aim to create brand that's recognizeable by different senses.

It’s important that people recognise your logo - but if you can get people to also recognise your product just by a bottle shape (classic Coca Cola bottle,) a hand motion (splitting a Kit Kat) or a sound (Intel,) your brand will be on its way to be a power brand.

2/ Agility is more important than we think.

Humans, animals, brands, companies, and products that are most adaptable to change, are the ones that live on forever. Our worlds are changing and evolving all the time, so why wouldn’t our brands and companies?

3/ Thew new generation doesn't buy, they invest in cyclical things.

We prefer things that last, that we can repair, or reuse, or repurpose. That’s why we prefer buying experiences that gives us memories we can recall in a later date; We pay to meditate, to do yoga, and to learn new languages because these are all tools we can reuse in our lives in the future.

4/ The new generation: We just need what we need when we need it. That's all.

As long as we can access the service or product when we want it, it doesn’t matter if we have complete ownership of that product or not. Easy examples include music-streaming, Netflix, car-sharing, bike-sharing, and the thrift store revolution. How can you apply this in other tangible industries?

5/ The power of touch.

Rooted in our DNA is a perception that if we physically touched something, we’re more likely to value it more than if we didn’t. Apple taught us all to “pet” our phones with the touch screen, and see where we are now?

6/ Don't overexplain. Embrace complexity, magic & mystery.

Not all elements in your design must have a rational explanation. What makes a visual feel real and authentic, is when there are elements and aspects that are unexplainable and mysterious - because that is how we experience life. Life isn’t so clear or simple, so when we make imagery and videos that clearly explains and communicates everything, it feels fake and forced. Prime example: A stock image of this businessman receiving a shocking email on his phone.

Photo credit: Forward Festival Munich

Bonnie Leung

Strategist at LOOP. A mix-pot of cultural origins from Canada, Hong Kong, and bi-coastal USA. Equal part logical as she is creative, her role is to find creative solutions that make sense for a brand based on their goals, credibility, and consumer perception.