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LOOP offices

LOOP is a bold-thinking creative digital agency working for leading brands worldwide.

We have a team of 150 talents, working from 5 offices around the world.

Meet the team

Digital by default

At LOOP we do more than the expected. Our work starts with a strategy designed to bring all brand initiatives, channels and activities together in a way that thrives. Our process is based on a collaborative client approach. Contemporary brand communication should be something that people really want to be part of. Activating your audience, that is what we're here for.

Good work is hard

Sometimes it's hard and time-consuming, but we don't look for shortcuts. We're proud of our work ethic and it's this attitude that defines us. LOOP is 100% independent and owner managed. Our founders have been working closely together with leading brands from the beginning of the era of digital communication. We know how to achieve the perfect mix of strategy, creativity, technology and production to achieve value for your brand and business. We're all set to take your brand into the next decade.

A look into our Salzburg HQ

3.200m² where people work, have a good time and get inspired


Clients are friends. We wouldn’t be here without them.

Trust us


We’re 100% independent and owner managed.



There is no sales team, we just do great work.

It's true


150 digital talents care about your project.



Expect creativity, technology and strategic thinking.

Big picture


We know how to play digital for brand value.

It works


We're a consumer engagement one-stop shop.



We've got an eye for great content.

Hell yes

150 talents, 26 nations and 12 languages under one roof.

Sarah Adlgasser
Kaique Amorim
James Baldwin
Javier Barrabes
Arthur Beresniewicz
Cornelia Bermadinger
Casper Bier
Tobias Bogner
Stefanie Bosch
Želimir Bošnjak
Alexander Bowen
Patricia Breitbarth
Rudo Bruckenberger
Stefan Brunhuber
Viktoria Buttenhauser
Philip Czellary
Adam Czubernat
Sabrina Dannhauser
Julien Daver
Hollie Davies
Florian Dietl
Marlene Dietrich
Belinda Drew
Anthony Dulieux
Anna Dürager
Maria Dziubinska
Hannah Esser
Herbert Ettlinger
Deniel Fallenbüchel
Bastian Fischer
Manuela Fischinger
Magdalena Frenkenberger
Lukas Gecevicius
Kathi Glocknitzer
Mathias Gomig
Iris Grabmayr
Nathalie Gradl
Abigail Green
Sophie Grininger
Anna Grünwald
Christina Guggemoos
Julia Haas
Patricia Habl
Maryam Hakim
Mark Hartmann
Valerie Hillebrand
Lamai Hochhuber
Fino Hood
Stefan Hornof
Florian Jäger
Christian John
Manfred John
Michael John
Hannes Jung
Haein Kim
Raphael Klaffenböck
Christian Kogler
Katharina Köpfer
Peter Kracik
Anna Kreil
Vanessa Krenn
Julian Krimplstätter
Andreas Krispler
Szczepan Król
Isabella Kücher
Alexander Kunert
Thomas Kurz
Giedrius Lapinskas
Susanne Lauterbrunner
Stefan Lazic
Jamie Lee
Agnes Lehner
Anna-Maria Liebenwein
Joshua Lim
Katharina Magerle
Nina Mahringer
Dominik Maier-Posch
Maja Marjanovic
Cecilia Mauro
Justinas Miliauskas
Claudia Moser
Melanie Murk
Djordje Nikolic
Verena Olschnögger
Markus Pallhuber
Georg Panholzer
Arzoo Patankar
Nicole Payr
Teresa Pellens
Lukas Petrovic
Paola Pinedo
Stefano Poncini
Andrea Pötscher
Kian Pouladvand
Isabel Quesado
Florentine Ramböck
Petra Reichensperger
Johanna Ringström
Juanita Romero
Vitor Salerno
Lisa Schaberreiter
Nicola Schermer
Simone Schiffler
Leonie Schindlmeier
Evgheni Schiopu
Florian Schrofner
Teresa Schwärz
Kathrin Seber
Alexander Seyss
Catherine Shanley
Angelina Sieber
Simone Sowa
Martin Spanring
Elisabeth Steger
Viktoria Steiner
Klaus Stempfl
Pierre Steyn
Michelle Strachwitz
Jessica Stuiber
Mara Thene
Gregor Tockner
Laura Treptow
Thomas Trinkl
Chloe Tuck
Linda Ummenhofer
Florian Vates
Matej Vitko
Tarah Voss
Morgan Warsop
Silvia Wiesinger