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Global E-Commerce

E-Commerce from Skiers for Skiers

For Atomic Skiing, we’ve designed and developed an e-commerce experience driven by Atomic’s brand mission and values. A design framework that seamlessly showcases Atomic’s extensive product range together with engaging content and flawless technological execution.

Scale Global E-Commerce
Technology Magento 2
Design Custom UX/UI Toolkit

Design System

The flexible UX/UI design system supports multi-country and multi-brand rollout, ensuring consistent branding, smooth navigation, and personalized experiences while accommodating regional preferences.


The Magento 2 based multi-country, multi-language shop enables custom ski and binding configurations, delivering personalized shopping experiences while effortlessly adapting to diverse markets and languages.

Mobile First

Our mobile-first e-commerce website prioritizes seamless, captivating experiences on all devices, catering to users engaging with products and content primarily via smartphones, effortlessly adapting between mobile and desktop devices.

Perfectly balancing product and purpose was the central principle guiding the creation of the entire design system. 

Optimizing ski and binding orders, we’ve created an intuitive process that simplifies selection and pairing for a seamless user experience.

Magento 2

Magento 2 proved to be the ideal e-commerce platform for our needs, providing robust features, scalability, and customization options to create an engaging, seamless shopping experience tailored to Atomic’s unique requirements.

Multi-Brand Solution

The Atomic website serves as a versatile foundation for additional brands, such as Volant and Armada, enabling seamless integration and adaptability while allowing individual brand tonality and unique identities on different platforms.

Content Management

The website's centralized content management system allows different client-side departments to easily maintain content, with role-based access control and an intuitive interface that streamlines updates and ensures efficient collaboration among teams.

Revolutionizing ski-purchase, we've virtualized the experience, transforming traditional retail transactions into an immersive, user-friendly digital adventure.