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LOOP offices

Austria Tourism —
Digital Ecosystem and Campaigns

Austria in Digital Detail

LOOP did the concept, design, front end development and activation for a new digital ecosystem that put Österreich Werbung in the center of innovative tourism approaches. With thousands of subsites that needed to be considered and very diverse functionalities, the full scale of this undertaking meant extensive project management and multi-faceted dynamic approaches. Additionally, we activated both Summer and Winter campaigns featuring premium Austrian content.

Experience Austria

The aim was to have a full-scale and interactive way that tourism in Austria could be brought to life, through real-time features, giving an overview of what tourists are experiencing.

New Features

For all campaigns, activations and tourism initiatives to live in the digital landscape, we put a lot of the focus on nice features that bring extra value to users. We integrated a live chat for support around the clock, an interactive map that allows you to dig deeper; as well as, a social aggregator that allows users to have an impression of what is happening around Austria.

Complex Development

Development was built on a highly flexible modular framework, to accommodate for a multitude of requirements that come up across the platform. Front end development needed to allow for thousands and thousands of subsites to be populated and function in a streamlined and flawless way. Additionally, we developed a way for content pages to be automatically created, in order to keep manual efforts for the bare minimum for the life span of the project.

Online Magazine

The digital eco system needed a place for pure content to live, where tourists and businesses that cater for tourism could go to be inspired, outside of the website. This supports and editorial style and is a hub for all-things Austria, providing an interactive way to engage with the noteworthy happenings across the country.