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Breitling —
The Watchmakers Squad

This is the Watchmakers Squad

When we’re tasked to work with a brand as iconic as Breitling, considering legacy and tradition is vital. This project required us to deep dive into brand identity and the specifics of the product details. Breitling timepieces are instruments for professionals and we made sure the content we produced speaks to both the seasoned adventurer and the new explorer.

Quality in detail

We wanted to highlight the importance of craftmanship and precision that makes a Breitling timepiece so special. And with that responsibility came the need to get deep into the details of the production process, and fully understand the basic thought behind every single element of the working parts.

Content creation

We filmed on location at the Breitling factory in Switzerland with a crew including photo, film and social media experts to safeguard that every aspect of the content could be used across all social and digital channels. Breitling content stands out globally, with use of major celebrity spokespeople and a very clear style. LOOP needed to ensure that we adhered to that brand identity and what we produced fit in.

Brand immersion

We immersed ourselves into the brand to be able to communicate the dedication that goes into every product and also feel the passion that the watchmakers felt. The core goal is to share the heritage of this iconic brand.