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LOOP offices

Run The Streets II


How to connect influencer marketing with social media storytelling in a best possible way? LOOP hit the streets of India, South Africa and Russia to create the second part of PUMA's Run the Streets campaign. Focus was on stories about people who are one-of-a-kind in their creative fields. We uncovered what it took to get them to where they are, bringing out the unique brand identity that makes PUMA stand out.


We took on this campaign with a truly global lense to engage an audience through content with a dynamic activation and roll out approach. PUMA brand heat at the center and stunning visuals to back it up. The result was 27 videos and 57 images posted.


Stories for more than 12 influencers were created on productions where video and photo efforts were streamlined and shot at the same time. With only a limited time with the influencers, we were able to produce enough dynamic and diverse content to cover multi-channel needs.

Roll Out

Once the concept is approved and the content is shot, we made sure that the stories were spread around the digital world in an impactful way. Handling distribution and media placement with a real-time approach was key to creating buzz and raising brand and product awareness in the right markets.

Brand Heat

The right brand with the ideal product, hitting the streets across the globe for maximum impact.


More than 60 million video views are proof that distribution working together with content are the key to engaging a diverse audience.