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Skiny Bodywear —
SK8Y6 Collection

Content Production

This project required a cohesive approach to a full package 360 design, website, and content production. Skiny approached us looking for a ground breaking concept to communicate the brand new website that we’d designed for them for the SK8Y6 collection – the new athleisure wear. We worked closely with the client on setting up the perfect visual style for the new website and sports clothing collection. And the next step was to create a high-end and unique launch video, to compliment the campaign photography. The result was on-point.

Video Production

Filmed on RED cinema cameras, on both a gimbal and custom-made drones, in an abandoned factory on a day where temperatures reached below -10 Celsius. This was one of the most challenging shoots but also the most fun for our team. We filled the space with light, colors, huge heaters to set the mood for top quality content output.

Website Development

Designing, developing and maintaining the SK8Y6 was vital for communicating the campaign across the board. Consistency is key for brand identity. With a colorful, bright look, the fun side to the vision and power behind the initiative comes out in a strong way. We achieved a solid look and feel that has been used across seasons, while also ensuring that the website is flexible enough to keep up to date with trends.