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LOOP offices
Consulting Service

Reframe your
insight research.


LOOP.LEGIT is a way to get inside the minds of your buyers, customers, and end users through connection and conversation to understand who they are, what motivates them, and what they need

How does LOOP.LEGIT work?
1 — Kickoff
A project brief defines upfront what we already know, what we want to learn and who can help us learn it.
2 — Insider fielding
We search for insiders and they have conversations with their connections.
3 — Theme extraction
Our team identifies themes and key findings within the conversation transcripts.
4 — Topline report
We walk you through a topline report with all findings and suggest next steps based on an effort-impact scale.
What you get
  • Topline report
  • Summary of main learnings and patterns
  • Tagged transcript of all conversations
  • Recommended next steps based on an effort – impact scale
Example Questions

What do Millennials care about when it comes to banking?

What are the stages of change experienced by the aging and those nearest them?

What does it mean to have a relationship with a brand vs. a membership?

Why don’t people get screened for Alzheimer’s?

If you are not sure if LOOP.LEGIT is right for your current situation, feel free to contact us.