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24 Jun '17

TOPIA: Building a future we can't yet see

For TOPIA we turned our office into a speculative design lab, opened our gates for top talents from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and reengineered the future.

20 May '17

TNW Conference

Amsterdam was pleasant, even though there were some clouds, we were blessed with good weather, and the conference was equally as enjoyable. It was well organized, featured loads of compelling speakers, and had enough going on to keep us all interested throughout.

10 Oct '16

Corporate Fitness: Solved Forever

With our new myClubs #loopsweat corporate fitness program, our team gets free access to 25 different sports, fitness and yoga studios in Salzburg and over 400 studios across Austria, all on us.

30 Jan '16

Beacons on the test bench

We've carried out extensive tests with beacon technology hardware that supportet both, the iBeacon™ protocol by Apple and Eddystone™ protocol by Google.

15 Dec '15

Behind the scenes of one tweet

Our challenge in today's hyper-connected, fast, socially addicted world? Giving users real time content they can relate to in the moment when it matters most to them.

16 Sep '18

So yeah, we finally tried Slack too.

Within just 48 hours we changed the complete team communication of 85 people in 5 different locations across the globe to Slack – here’s why.

25 Apr '14

How to run a successful app launch campaign

In today’s bottomless pit of app innovations you can’t solely rely on the quality of your app to attract users. So how do you tell the world, that you have something to offer that might blow their minds?

01 Jun '13

Why we started LOOP.LABS

We have been thinking about starting our own space for ideas and thoughts for a while now. The reasoning for this is simple. Our agency is staffed with brilliant minds and therefore, we want to have a space to share ideas, experiments and some behind the scenes insights.