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LOOP offices
Consulting Service

Craft your next
level prototype.


LOOP.MAOBI is a four-day design sprint process to envision, prototype and validate new product ideas. We use MAOBI to show you how to join forces with your customers, how to generate new ideas and how to bring them to life in no time.

How does LOOP.MAOBI work
Day 1 — Map & Sketch
We define and prioritize the challenges, set a common goal and produce a mass of solutions.
Day 2 — Decide & Storyboard
We curate and vote on best solutions and define a clickable mock-up with a storyboard.
Day 3 — Prototype
Our UX designer takes care of building the clickable prototype while a product specialist sets up the user tests.
Day 4 — Test
We test the prototype with 5 to 8 potential users and create clear next steps based on their feedback.
What you get
  • Executive summary of the whole process
  • High definition designs used in the testing
  • Feedback from testers including main learnings
  • Prioritised list of ideas based on an effort – impact scale
  • Recommended next steps
LOOP.MAOBI helps you when

You need to quickly streamline, prioritize and execute products.

You want to allow your team to bring in new ideas, and management to take informed business decisions.

You want to inject innovation and fast prototyping into your daily business routine.

You seek to include the user in the design and development process, avoiding misspent time, effort and money.

If you are not sure if LOOP.MAOBI is right for your current situation, feel free to contact us.