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Mobile Product Development

We've been creating mobile apps for Android & iOS for over 10 years with a focus on native development, as we believe it offers higher quality for our clients & app users.

iOS and Android

We focus on development of native Android & iOS apps and deliver highest quality & performance.


Smartwatches and Devices

In addition to smartphone apps, we also develop apps for Apple Watch & Wear OS, VR, Bluetooth wearables, chatbots & Instagram filters.


Native Development

All apps are 100% developed in-house. The full mobile development team works from our Salzburg HQ.


QA and Testing

Our quality assurance team ensures that we deliver the best possible quality on all platforms, across a wide range of testing devices.


A dedicated team of mobile technology experts

Companies should focus on mobile eCommerce, as apps have a much higher conversion rate than websites on desktop and mobile web. By leveraging push notifications in the right way, conversions and engagement can also be significantly increased.

Our tools. Our workflow. Our tech stack.


  • Agile workflows (SCRUM, Kanban, etc)
  • Daily meetings within the mobile team
  • Atlassian suite (Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence)
  • Smartphone, tablet & smart watch apps
  • Wearable technology via BT & BTLE
  • User flows via Miro.com
  • Design & handover via Figma
  • Instagram filter development with Spark AR
  • Chatbot development with Google Dialogflow


  • Xcode 14+
  • Swift 5.6 and up
  • UIKit & SwiftUI (for upcoming projects)
  • Combine, Async await
  • MVC with custom Frameworks
  • Swift Package Manager


  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin
  • Koin dependency injection
  • Room persistence library
  • Android MVVM with navigation components
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Retrofit HTTP client
  • Kotlin FlowApi

With a strong consultation team in-house, our services go far beyond technology. We define mobile business models, work on digital product strategies with major companies, and support startups with our long-standing experience.

PUMATRAC - Training & Running
PUMATRAC - Training & Running

An AI driven app featuring video workouts created by PUMA athletes and trainers. This bespoke fitness app combines running and training seamlessly, connects users to each other and offers insights into nearby events.

ADAC Trips
ADAC Trips

Plan your next vacation, road trip or weekend getaway with the ADAC Trips app. Explore your surroundings and find detailed information about all POIs at your destination and close by.


With myComfort from Windhager you can quickly guide your individual heating system everyday from your trusted smartphone or tablet in a userfriendly, simple way. Whether you are at home or on the road, your heating system is always under control and you can regulate it from anywhere.


As a clubmember you benefit continuously from discounts in the form of individual vouchers and you always have your digital club shown in the app. Find the right shoes quickly and easily using the size recommendation based on your free 3D foot scan.

myClubs One App. Unlimited Sports.
myClubs One App. Unlimited Sports.

Subscribe, discover and book your perfect workout directly from within this membership app, which also offers the largest network of sports and workouts in Austria and Switzerland.


Offering content and asset management that effectively simplifies our clients’ social media content production needs and workflow via mobile. View, select and favorite, and crop images directly on your phone.

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to join our incredible team