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LOOP offices
Consulting Service

Adapt your focus
to growth.


LOOP.FORGE is a growth hacking consulting service which is made to identify and implement key growth levers in your existing digital landscape, to create a substantial and sustainable growth on 3 levels: acquisition, activation and retention.

How does LOOP.FORGE work
1 — Deep Dive Analysis
In order to understand what makes you grow and which part of your product or digital strategy is keeping you from developing faster and steadier, we do a deep dive into your product and your data.
2 — Building the Experiment Lab
Once we have a full overview of your business, we create a list of scaled experiments to measure the potential growth levers.
3 — Prioritization
Using notation standards, we can prioritize each experiment, related to predicted impact and available resources.
4 — Implementation
We finalize with a testing period to measure which ideas had the biggest impact on growth potential for a larger implementation.
What you get
  • 100% dedicated senior consultant available for you
  • 3-months consulting to optimize your digital landscape
  • Insights on product amelioration
  • Detailed report with all insights and learnings
When LOOP.FORGE helps you

Your product is a must, but you can’t find a way to expand your sales volume quick or steadily enough.

You are looking to scale your ROI while expanding your sales volume, or simply improve the current profitability.

You just have a new website/app and are looking to make sure that your funnel is optimised, from the first user contact to becoming advocate.

You have a large traffic base but do not understand why your users don’t buy.

If you are not sure if LOOP.FORGE is right for your current situation, feel free to contact us.