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01 Jul '13

Must Reads! Volume 2

Michael John, CEO

Things you shouldn't have missed last month. Inspiring articles, great stuff from the world of digital advertising or just some food for thought.

The end of advertising as we know it

Kodak filed for bankruptcy while Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion. Airbnb is now filling more nights than Hilton Hotels. It seems that business ideas from the least expected players and angles will disrupt your brand faster than advertising can save it.

Great article on fastcocreate.com

Selling Value, Not Time

Clients don’t care about costs. They care about the value we create for them, so that’s what we should be asking them to pay for. A short e-book full of simple but powerful points about the benefits of a value-based approach to pricing.

Found at onlydeadfish.co.uk

Being Digital Demands You Be More Human

For lots of companies, consumers are a mass of 0s and 1s that represent online behavior that can be collected, analyzed and targeted. But the one thing companies seem to keep forgetting is that customers are actually human beings.

Read this article on blogs.hbr.org

The launch is dead

Launches carry substantial risks. The perceived rewards from a launch always skew rationality in the most toxic way possible. The thinking is this: “The last time we had a nice bump was when we did a launch. Therefore, we should do an even bigger launch." Related to this line of thinking is the “People won’t care unless we launch something."

Some interesting thoughts from layervault.com

Is Coding the New Second Language?

Kids may know their way around a computer, but in order to get a job in the new economy, they will have to know how to write a program, not just use one.

Read this article on www.smithsonianmag.com

"I think I broke something." How a teenager rickrolled Vine.

Developer Will Smidlein managed to upload a full-length version of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up onto Vine, exploiting a loophole in its system. In a blog post titled "I Think I Broke Something: The Story of Rickrolling Vine", Smidlein apologised to Twitter's engineering team for the jape.

Read the blog post on throwww.com

Michael John

LOOP's CEO. Founded the agency at the age of nineteen. Digital advertising addicted. Creative. Sleepless. Entrepreneurial. Always looking for awesome ideas.