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LOOP offices
10 Oct '16

Corporate Fitness: Solved Forever

Michael John, CEO

Yoga, Fitness, Tennis, Crossfit, Climbing, Golf and more. LOOP has kicked off a program to keep our team fit, healthy, and happy. Up from now, we’re covering all the costs. With our new myClubs #loopsweat corporate fitness program, our team gets free access to 25 different sports, fitness and yoga studios in Salzburg and over 400 studios across Austria, all on us.

So everyone can do sports for free?

Hard to believe, but yes. From playing tennis at the local tennis center to loads of pilates and yoga classes; even free entry to the local climbing hall, Crossfit, Bootcamp, Golf, Fitness Centers. We’ve even got stand up paddling covered for the LOOP team. No matter if you’re at LOOP since years or if you just joined the team a few days ago – all the costs for your sports activities are covered. Guess we’re the first company in Austria to make those crazy fitness options available to our employees.

So how does that even work?

How do we make this all happen? With myClubs, an early stage startup we’re working with and also holding equity in, since the beginning of 2016.

The idea behind myClubs is simple: myClubs has agreements with more than 400 sports-, fitness- and yoga studios in Austria and Switzerland. With one central subscription and a monthly payment of EUR 79,-, users can access the full range of classes and studios by booking sessions via the myClubs app.  That’s awesome for end consumers, but for a company with 100 employees, 79,- per user still adds up to a substantial fee. And in the end, only a few of the employees would really use it. 

To solve that, we worked hard with the full myClubs team and created a corporate product. Companies can now pre-pay a monthly amount of sport-sessions and share them throughout their whole team – no matter the number of employees. For example, for the LOOP team we decided to take 125 sport sessions per month. It doesn’t matter if some team members go to yoga sessions daily, some decide to play golf and others probably never use the service.

Whoever uses it and whatever the sports activity is – 125 sport sessions per month throughout the whole agency are guaranteed. If that’s not enough anymore one day, we simply extend the plan to more sessions.

Booking classes and sport sessions with an app.

For LOOP employees it’s that easy: They simply install the myClubs app, get their Email-Address confimed as LOOP team member and can access all different activities and classes myClubs offers – prepaid by the agency.

For the agency, costs stay the same and plannable each month. There’s no need to rise costs if the team grows slightly, as the number of users isn’t important for myClubs, it’s all about the amount of sports sessions you pre-pay for each month.

If you’re interested to offer the same benefit for your employees, feel free to get in touch with us at any time and we’ll get you in contact with the myClubs team. office@agentur-loop.com

Michael John

LOOP's CEO. Founded the agency at the age of nineteen. Digital advertising addicted. Creative. Sleepless. Entrepreneurial. Always looking for awesome ideas.