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LOOP offices
01 Jun '13

Why we started LOOP.LABS

Michael John, CEO

We have been thinking about starting our own space for ideas and thoughts for a while now. The reasoning for this is simple. Our agency is staffed with brilliant minds and therefore, we want to have a space to share ideas, experiments and some behind the scenes insights.

So at LOOP.LABS you can expect some behind the scenes sneak peeks into our projects, random thoughts from our team members, and a glimpse at  what inspires us.

We also will have some guest bloggers on board from time to time, giving creative minds a stage to share their thoughts. With LOOP.LABS we want to open up our knowledge and creativity, share it with users and invite people to be part of it.  So stop by from time to time and feel free to contact us via office@agentur-loop.com, if you have something to share!

Michael John

LOOP's CEO. Founded the agency at the age of nineteen. Digital advertising addicted. Creative. Sleepless. Entrepreneurial. Always looking for awesome ideas.