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Windhager myComfort — Smart Home Solution

Product Development

We created a set of new heating control tools for Windhager, to be implemented in today's smart homes. Giving users the opportunity to control their home heating systems remotely. An iOS and Android execution of this app meant our team worked across the board with some serious development work, intuitive design and a bit of vision, bringing it all to life.


We tackled home connectivity in the most innovative way, exploring new back end solutions that could account for a wide range of variables. Everything came together with multiple devices and platforms considered upfront. In addition to the consumers, we had to consider technical solutions for the people working on the service side of the product. Many users, diverse needs.


Design for the mobile apps, as well as the microsite was key to an overall product delivery. We took a very technologically complicated product and made it as intuitive and sleek as possible, with solid branding and very deliberate and functional UX features across all platforms.


This digital ecosystem enables seamless communication in between heating system, service team and users in real time. Built around native iOS and Android Apps, an easy to handle user panel, a customer-facing online service platform including an extensive backend for professionals plus an informative product landing page. Making something innovative and tech-heavy as user friendly as possible.

Home Connection

A full scale user-centered approach with solid technological basis of complex back end and easy to use iOS and Android solutions, with a microsite to pull it together.

Strategy Product Development
UX / UI Interaction Design
Development Android and iOS