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PUMA — Run The Streets

#RunTheStreets Culture Stories

We were briefed to come with the best way for PUMA to communicate their relevance in street culture across the world in a way that stands out from the average photo shoot or brand activation. We took influencers from different cultures and brought them together in India, Russia and South Africa to tell the story.


Our team shot this content series in Mumbai, Delhi, Moscow, and Cape Town in a streamlined way, focused on maximum output. We shot in a way that photo and video could work in perfect tandem and make the most of the urban locations that were the backdrop for this campaign. Each city presented its own challenges, climate, and opportunities. The end result is impressive shots with PUMA at the focus.


We worked with influencers who are credible in the street culture space in their countries and brought them together for a cultural exchange and an exploration of contemporary global vibes. Music, dance, art, and fashion were the inspiration for the piece and the influencers brought out a brand story in the most authentic way, allowing for engaging content.


After the connecting and production process, content distribution and sophisticated media placement kicked-in. The challenge was to reach the ideal audiences in the Middle East, India, Poland, Russia, Turkey, and South Africa and engage them with the campaign. Through ad testing and real-time media optimization, the result was impactful.

The Streets

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